Rebun island
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Sukoton cape
Sukoton misaki cape positions the north tip of this island.
Jizoiwa (Rock) Pillar rock at Motochi called Jizoiwa. Kafuka port Kafuka Port. Entrance of this island.
View from trail to Momoiwa.
Kusyuko lake Kusyuko is small lake located in nothern part.There is a campsite beside the lake
Momoiwa Motochi
Big rock which had peach like shape is called Momoiwa. Momo means peach in Japanese. Motochi is small town along the west coast.
Momochi hodo From momoiwa hodo trail (from Momoiwa to Shiretoko),A small rock on the sea is in your sight which called Nekoiwa.
light house siretoko
From Motochi lighthouse, a downhill trail goes to Shiretoko. Rishiri island is seen a head.
Motochi todai (Lighthouse)
Rebun Rindo trails
Rebun forest tracks Trail to Rebun waterfall
Trails run on the top of the hill. Downhill trails to Rebun waterfall
Rebun watarefall Rebun waterfall.Small waterfall drops in the beach.It can be say the most north waterfall in Japan.
Walk from Funadomari to Kamidomari
Rishiridake While whether is fine.Mt.Rishiridake can be seen from east coast side road.You will see alpine like conic peak on the sea.
port Funadomari has small fisherman's port.
Airport I'm very lacky.I could see beautiful sunset view from near Rebun airport.
Sukoton to Gorota beach
There is a trial pass through the island along the west cost line.It's need eight or more hours to walk the whole. I wanted to this and start from north tip of the island.But whether condithion of the day interdicts me. At the time sunrise,It was cloudy sky.Cloudburst happens wolking on the trail. Some parts of this trial are known hazardous. And escape corses to road aren't much.I decided to interrupt my plan. And turn direction to the inn to waiting ferry schudle to Wakkanai. My summer vacation suddenly ended by rain.
sukoton Shirahama
Sukoton capeShirahama
Awabi kotan Mt.Gorotayama
Awabi kotanMt.Gorotayama

Gathering Information
<Maps>@You can get from Tourist information in Kafuka port.And may be get also station or port of Wakkanai city.
<Tourist information>From April to October,Tourist information opens in Kafuka port.Phone 01638-6-2655
<WWW>@Town goverment has web site REBUN ISLAND And personal page made by Okuma Rebun Islandis nice enough.
<Air>Small commuter plane(19 passengers) from Wakkanai airport is available.Rebun airport is at the base of north east cape which is far from town.And you should mind there is no public transportation from airport. Operator:Air Hokkaido
<Ferry>From Wakkanai:5 times a day (changes depend on season).From Rishiri:Twice a day.
Higashi nihon ferry company. phone:0162-23-3780
<Bus in island>From kafuka ferry port to three destinations. For Sukoton(North tip).For Motochi(West coast route).For Shiretoko (Sourth tip route)
Operated by Soya bus company. Phone 01638-6-1020.

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