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@Rishiri island located west from the center of Wakkanai which is the most north city all over the Japan.The island has circular coast line and characterized by Mt.Rishiriyama, mountain centered on the island. The origin of the name of Rishiri derived from the native's word which just indicates higher mountain. The island of mountain will be seen from the west shore of Wakkanai.Standing there, You must see a mountain floats on the sea. The mountain has another name which is Rishiri Fuji. It may be easy to understand why this mountain was named. The scenic conic shape like as the highest mountain of Japan was very attractive for visiting this island. Expecting 360 degree of the view from the summit,I travelled this island.
Mt Rishiridake
scenery of near summit sight
From airplane

airplane a oshi
Left:Taxiing to runway. Center:Mt Rishiridake has been just a head. Right:Cape Peshi and Ponmoshiri island.The town behind the cape is Osidomari
Climb to Rishiridake.
tyou rosoku rock
The summit which elevation is 1719m has small shrine. Just beside the summit candle like rock (Rosokuiwa) stands.
rishiri rhisri
Mt.Rishiriyama.View from the airport. The Summit of Mt.Rishiriyama

Walking to Himenuma marsh
Trail Himenuma
Trail to himenumaHimenuma
Osidomari Risirifuji onsen
Town Osidomari is located north of the island. Many public facilties centralized here. Rishirifuji onsen (hot spring)
Kutukata Oshidomari port
Kutukata is town located west side of island.This town developes from fishermans port.In the summer,Ferries for Rebun departes from this port. Main ferry port is Oshidomari.
Cape Peshi Cape Peshi which has a small mound is located near osidomari port.A trails go up to the peak.
Cape Peshi
Ponmoshiri island
Standing the top of Cape Peshi,I saw Ponmoshiri island in shore.It looks like minature model of Rishiri.Although mountain top was gone.

Gathering Information
<Map>@Four 1/25000 scale geographical map cover this island.Thease are published by GSI.
(Osidomari)Yu (Otyushinai)
@u (Senhoshi)Se (Oniwaki)

Commercial publisher also sells maps for mountaineer.See my links
<Web>@RISHIRI Information from Rishiri tourism industry association Rishiricho @Rishirifujimachi Campsite
<Air>@I used a commuter flight departed from Wakkanai airport,But this flight has been finished operation. Instead of this commuter flight,Now ANA introduced a daily flight from the Sapporo (Chitose) airport.ANA If you want to go Rishiri island from the Wakkanai city, You have the choice only using the ferry. There is no public transportation to access airport of Rishiri island.
<Ferry>@Ferry to Rishiri island departs from Wakkanai.
Heart land ferry company.
<Bus>@Bus route makes round. It starts from west town Kutukata and runs clockwise along the shore of the island.
Soya bus company

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