Wakkanai&Cape Soya Japanese
Cape Soya misaki is the most north point of Japan.
Public transport is only the bus operated from Wakkanai station.Their schudle is so sparce,you need to check before making your plan visiting here.
Wakkanai station is the northest station all over Japan.Express from Sapporo reaches here after five hours or more journy.
Wakkanai station Wakkanai station
Wakkanai port After less ten minutes walk from the station,You'll reach the port for the islands.
Wakkanai dome Wakkanai port
Wakkanai dome:This construction which remains 70 poles and roof talks about Wakkanai in former days.Wakkanai was the entrance for more northern part of Japan.In the age of before the war,railway from the wakkanai station have been reached here and cargos to Karafuto (Saharin) shipped here.To protect the frighter from winter billow or stormy wind, Dome had been constructed in 1936. Pier for Rishiri and Rebun. Ferry to Rebun island departs from here five times a day in summer.Two of these transit to Rishiri isiland. Another two direct operation for Rishiri island are also departed here.

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