Thank you for visiting my postcard page.
In this page, I'd like to distribute an origial postcard. Picture from my site are printed on matt coated paper. Print quality is like as postcards selling at souvenir shop.
If you are in Japan,Please fill order form and click send button. I'll send you an e-mail for confirmation in which my postal account (giro) also will be written. You can pay at a post office all over Japan with little fee.
After your payment is known to me,I'll send ordered postcards you. Price is 65 yen per piece. And 80 yen shipping cost per order will be needed.
Order from OUT OF JAPAN
Now I accept only small order up to ten. Please fill order form and click send button.After recieving your order,I'll send e-mail you for confirmation.
It's difficult to find out convenient international remittance. For this purpose,I'd like to know using international reply coupons(coupon reponse international). I think you will buy coupons at post office in your town.Please try. Price of this coupon must be cheap.I want to change a coupon to a postcard. And ask you to get one more coupon for shipping cost.
Coupons are gotten, please send me with confirmation number which I mailed you. Adress for sending coupons will be known at confirmation mail. After I receive your coupons,I send ordered items using airmail.
NOTICE:Using reply coupon for payment isn't common way.And you have no method to know whether payment is done or not.I cann't say how much dangerous for pay.And It's reson for I accept only small order. If you afraid to lost your coupons on accident,you should use registered mail. I can not be resposible accident happened. So you must mind this point before ordering.

about reply cupon:This cupon provide repling from foreign country. Postal stamp is valid only issued county.For prepaying international reply needs anther way. You will be get the coupon even at local postoffice. I will be able to exchange this coupon on postoffice.I'll get stamps that representing the minimum postage for unregistered airmail letter.Price of the coupon may be depends country.I think about $1US must be usual.
If you have any question,pleaseask me
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