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Miyanoura which viewed from the road to Shiratani Unsuikyo. Miyanoura port is constructed at the west side of the Miyanouragawa. Behind the ditrict, a large factory is seen. Miyanouragawa

A bridge crosses over the river Miyanouragawa. This bridge has been there 80 years with putting the shadowon the quiet surface of Miyanouragawa. However, some parts are repaired for the wartime damages, It gives me the image of the old-time scenary which belongs to the village in the early Showa Era.

Miyanoura is the largest residential area of Yakushima which located north coastline. With close to the port which has a role to connect Kagoshima, Miyanoura is the entrance of the island and developed as the center of local administration. There are many facilities on the west riverside of the Miyanouragawa.

As soon as you foot on the pier, you can see a rare landscape for standing on a port of island. There is a large factory produced chemicals just behind the Miyanoura district, which has built half a century ago in the age of the Japan ecomony suported by the hevy industories. Yakushima had been estimated that it could develop with consumable electricity generated by waterpower. It may be a evidence of that Yakushima is a given island which has ability to live with own natural resources.

Port Miyanoura

Port Miyanoura. A small ferry boat Taiyo has being anchored, which is operated by the town organization to connect Kuchinoerabu island.


Kuchi no erabu zima is a island 15 km off shore from the coast of Nagata. Volcanic island.

River Nagata

River Nagata gawa which begins just under the rock sit on the Nagatadake. After collecting many streams, the river is thrown to the ocean at the east of Nagata.

Mocchom dake

Mt Mocchomu-dake is a eye captured granite rock peak having 970 meters height which located sourth part of the island.

Mocchomudake from Onoaida onsen spa

Mt Mocchomu-dake from the spa Onoaida onsen.


Kurio is the most distal habitat having a small fisherman's port, which located southwest in the island. Going to four kilo meters north from here, There is a popular sightseeing spot Oko no taki waterfall.@

@Another habitat Nakama located south east of Kurio is known with Gajumaru (banyan) trees which over the road.


Gajumaru trees in Nakama.

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waterfalls_map.gif Ohko Senpiro Torooki Senpiro

The rainy climate of the island gives the precipitation which reached to 10000 mili meters inside the mountain area. Huge amount of rain water is gathered by the several river running down through the deep V shaped valley.It is known about the existence of plenty waterfalls inside the valleys. But only expert climber can reach there and see them. We can see only a few waterfalls located near the estuaries of the rivers.

Yakushima lighthouse & West coast

@Yakushima lighthouse stands on a small cape which located the west tip of island. It provides the good view point for the coastline of the island.

light house

Yakushima light house.

light house
View from the lighthouse

Rokey shore viewing from the lighthouse.

Looking down from the road

Looking down from the road.

west coast

West coast

A monkey on the tree.



Sometimes,monkey is appear on the road.


Monkeys on seaside.