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@A typical autumn landscape of the BieiD

Wellcome to my Biei pageI
Biei is located at the center of Hokkaido.One of the neighboring town of Asahikawa which is known as the second largest city in Hokkaido. The Asahikawa airport which is the entrance of visting the center part of Hokkaido with convenient connection to Tokyo is on the hill closed to Bie.Today Biei must be one of the most popular desination of the Hokkaido tourism.It has been promoted as a eye-filling farming town.
There is no guidebook without introduce the Biei. And most of the package tour appeals that biei sightseening schedule been includeded.Although agriculture must be still the top industory of the town,tourism industry rappidly grows with farmers fields which wrapping the hills around the Bie.
What is essential attractiveness of Biei tourism ? Although,I have not gotten the complete answer yet, It must come from that unusual landscapes given by those hills to Japanese tourist which analogous of their images countryside should be that.
Catch phrase of the Biei tourism is "Okano machi" means the town composed by hills. Hill itself must be the subject which indicates the peaceful quietness place by the mind of Japanese.Ofcourse so many hills exsited all over the Japan. But completely unobstructed hill that remarkablely in Biei may be rare. Looking up the top of hill and looking down from the top of hill,It is something just provided by hills might be the saliences of Biei.
Sometimes,I met my feeling it's is liked the experience while climbing the mountain over the forest line.Too much expectation for scene change with the next step is given by own step. Walking or pedalling rented cycle is recommended for travelling around the Biei,even the area is little bit wider for day trip. The day will be closed with satisfied feeling after wandering hills of Biei.

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Rolls Lavender Sunset Yellow belt Fukutomi
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Potato flowers At a hilltop Patterned soil Morning Road
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Fukutomi Asahidake Autumnation Perspective Spring

Main town district of Biei is surrounding area of Biei station. There are two bridges over the river Biei consisted with south border of the residential area. After crossing the river, two roads ascend to hill. A road continued from the red bridge goes to Bibaushi with parallel of JR Furano line which runs through the valley of the hill west and reaches Bibaushi station.
Another scenic drive comes from the green bridge runs on the backbone of hill and meets "San ai no oka" view point. Small parking provides taking brief stop to enjoy vista mainly Tokachi mountains in fine day, although west part also good scenery of farmers field surrounded.
Going ahead of there. With appearing lined pine trees in right roadside, another viewpoint "Chiyoda no oka" will be closed. Entering the dirt and scale up steps for white pencil like tower will introduce you viewing down the wider landscape of the area supposed by all peaks of Tokachi mountains as backdrop. Several roads are branch off from the backbone road. Each may reads you the photogenic subjects.
Next to the "Chiyoda no oka", main road comes from "Sanai no oka" will turn to right, then descends the valley part in which another route is crossing. Again road goes up a hill. You reaches the crossing adjust the Takushinkan museum.
Potato opens lovable white flowers in JulyD
Finding good mosaic is atracting any photographer visiting thereD
Carpet of small yellow flowers which called Kigarashi frequentry met as the landscape of Biei. This grass is planted for green manure crop.
Tokachidake viewed from Chiyodano oka view point in which white tower is built.

Maeda Shinzo is a famous landscape photographer especially with his work in Biei. He had moved Biei and spent later in his life for taking photogenic hills. His marvelous colors and well set frame pictures are extensively used for showing the beautiful towm Biei.
Takushinkan museum exhibits his 80 pieces of work. You'll appreciate impression of large size prints showing his impression for making that. There is no admission. Since most of tourists stopped here, I feel a bit crowded while visited in high season.
Diagonal to the Takushinkan, white second floor building is "Shikino kohryukan" in which two souvenir shops. You will get soft drinks although shop selling beer too.
Behind the building, A trail with steps reads the hilltop. Only this place, It's allowed entering the formers field for sightseeing. You can enjoy looking down the wavy fields rounded there. Also Tokachi mountains is near from.
Going to the road south, A tree little slanted to the right known as "Tetugaku no ki" is stood on the field. It's a photogenic subject makes well contrast to surrounding flowers.
Back to the place of Takushinkan and ascends the hill behind the Takushinkan, You get the direction to Bibaushi. Straight-line road runs through the fields ride on the hill. After interruption with a valley, next hill appears in front of you. Soon, you may notice the mosaic colored surface that made of flowers spreading over the hill. Here is gShikisai no okah. An owner of farming field had made a garden sectioned by color. It's growing sightseeing attraction today. No admission is required but must be asked for donations used for maintenance.

Maeda Shinzo
Spring Summer
Spring Summer
Autumn Winter
Autumn Winter
roll My early schooldays, silo was remarkable object showing Hokkaido farming. Today,rolls on the forage crop field may indicate typical senary of Hokkido farm.
Fukutomi In early July,wheat sowed in autumn can be sectioned with harvest color.
Spring Wheats sowed in spring catch up the slow growing up autumn wheats which shows discriminative color.
A little slanted tree on the field called "Tetugaku no ki".

Shinei no oka

@Another hill located in the west side of Furano line called "Shin ei no oka". The road from the red bridge at river Biei meets a branch for over crossing the railway line. Turning here to the right and taking the south direction, You get an approach to "Shin ei no oka". There is a parking for viewing point in gShinei okah. Beside there a souvenir shop is existed. Here is superior for seeing sunset with good northwest view. View for another direction going over the Furano line is also good landscape. Most visitors may take a picture of trees lined on the hill. View point and shop
Souvenir shop of "Shin ei no oka" taken just before sunrise. map

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Biei stationYahoo mapD
Daisies around the viewpoint shineinookaD
Peakes of the Tokachi mountains. Most of the left peak is Mt.Oputateshike. The slightly prominent peak of the right side is Tokachi volcano which still be active. If you will be there in fine day,You can easily identify the position of the volcano with the blowing smoke.
In eary summer,harvest season of wheats which sowed in autumn.Bright yellow belt runs over the hill.
Around the Jun,Farmars prepare their fields for the crops.In this season,you are able to see the soil patterns made by machine plowing. Behind the field,You can see pine trees that knowen with Shineinooka.
A pond on the hill.

Shikisai no oka:Japanese word shikisai means color, although uses with scholarly terms like as chromatic. Since pronunciation is same as shiki which means four seasons. A hill named by conjuncture of these two words may indicates color of seasons. Field of Shikisai no oka covers top of a hill located in south part of Biei. A farmer field owner has started unified planting of flowers on the each section of his field. Colorful scenery of garden makes new tourist attraction of Biei.
Shikisai no oka
Shikisai no oka
Lavender@Shikisai no oka
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You may see large picture in Hanamiyusan page with clickD
link:Shiki sai no okaShikisainooka@HP

Hill around the north west direction from Biei station is well known with name "Hokusei no oka". White piramid shape observation deck is stood. There are several trees stood on the flat landscapes of the hill provide the photogenic subjects for visitor. An elm tree near the deck called "Ken to Mery no ki" is most popular sightseeing spot of Biei, It might be even in all over the Hokkaido area. Since early seventies, when Commercial film for the car which manufactured by Nissan was taken here.
Hokuseinooka @
Hokuseinooka Hokuseinooka
Left:View from the observation deck on Hokuseinooka hill. Right:Veiw down the main town district surrounding Biei station.
Hill west Grass field neighboring west of the deck.
Oputateshike Two peaks with Mt.Oputatesike(left most) was found. These are peaks of Tokachi mountains appeared in east side of the deck.
Mild seven Mild seven@
Hill of MildsevenDMildseven is one of the most common cigarette brand in Japan. Scenery of here was used for the advertising of Mild Seven products in late seventies.It may be the good publicty of the Biei itself,as a result Biei had been well known place of Hokkaido today.
Seven star Parent-child tree
Left:An oak tree beside the field has been know with the package of cigarette. Car park is prepared beside the road for visitors. I visited in late October,I met the heap of harvesting beets would be used for manufacturing sugar. Right:Parent-child tree.Three trees on the top of the hill named for their appearance.
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Tokachi mountains can be seen at the every hilltop in BieiD
From Oputatesike to Biei FujiD

Small peaks mounted on the trapezial shape that located north of Mt.Oputatesike is Mt.Tomuraushi. Tomuraushi

Biei Fuji.Japanese want to call the name fuji when they see good looking mountain.You may find Biei's Fuji in this picture. Peak of right end of the picture is Mt. Tokachi dake which shape is collapsed with long history of volcanic activity.

Montains seen in the north east direction of Biei is Taisetuzan mountains. Main peak Asahidake known as highest (2290m) mountain in Hokkaidowhich is seen over the skyline around "Chiyoda no oka" hill.

Mt.Tomuraushiyama .
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Winter Biei
Shinei no oka
Shinei no oka
Winter landscape of pine trees on the "Shinei no oka"D
Biei station
Biei stationD
View point
Souvenir shop is under the snowD
Tree beside the pond
Shinei no oka
Taken at late spring day. Same view of the left picture.Mt.Tokachi is appered left side.
On winter,most of roads in Biei are under the snow.
pine trees
Unusual view of pine trees on the "Shinei no oka".Mountains behind the trees is Furanodake which located in sourthen end of the Tokachi mountains.
A winter sunset view of "Shinei no oka"D
Biei station Asahikawa airport
Open deck special sightseeing train is at Biei stationD
JR Furano line is still unelectrified.Diesel powered two cars train runs from Asahikawa to Furano.LinkJR Hokkaido Asahikawa
Asahikawa airportFAn Entrance of Dohoh area of Hokaido.It located Higashikagura closed to the north border of Biei. Flights from Tokyo airport were operated by two companies JAL and AirDO. From 2008,a price buster Skymark airline entered this market.
LinkAsahikawa airport terminal@LinkJAL LinkAIR DOLinkSkymark
beet Harvest of beets. LinkJA Biei
field After snow melting,forming is started.Undulating land soil is exposed in late spring.
Shiki no hashi Midoribashi
Red arch bridge is "Shiki no hashi". Streams tracing up to the north part of Tokachi mountains going to run the west and make a river. A small town was developed on the north side of the river named Biei which attributed the native Ainu word Pie.It meaning the muddy stream. While Tokachidake was in eruption,volcanic detritus might make muddy flow.
Another bridge located just upstream of "Shiki no hashi" is "Midoribashi".The name simply indicates green bridge.
LinkBiei Shirogane tourism association
Oputateshike Mt Oputateshike.Eye catching shape of the mountain is likened to a hawk lifting up wing.
Red leavesLate OctoberD@
JR Furano line
Biei station Furano
JR Bieieki and Furano lineD
It takes 40 minutes from Asahikawa stationDA train was operated by an hour.
Biei Station phone:0166-92-1854D@
  • Bus:Schudled bus servies operated from Asahikawa to Furano.Bus stops at airport.You can reach the Biei station in 16 minutes from the airport. Furano bus phone 0167-23-3131D
  • From Asahikawa to Airport.Asahikawa dennkikido operated schuduled servicesDIt needs 45 minutes.
  • Bus from Asahikawa to Shirogane onsen takes 90minutes.This bus stoped near Biei station.But not be in the airport.Be care! Dohoku bus operatedDsee the linkslisted on another page.
  • Shiki no toh
    Japanese word Shiki means four seasons. four seasons tower (Shiki no toh) was built beside the town office building.
  • Town BieiWeb
  • Tourism industry association of BieiWeb
  • Biei Shirogane Tourism industry association@Web
  • Biei Industry association@Web
  • Shikinojohokan(Center of Tourism information) next to the Biei station.Phone 0166-92-4378.
  • ShikinokoryukanFDiagonal to the Takushinkan. Souvenir shopD9:00-17:00iMay to October) 10:00-16:00(November to April)DPhone 0166-95-2400.
    Online map Biei stationYahoo mapD
  • Hokkido Tohoku
    Guide book:Biei&Furano
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